How it works

We are a full service iOS application that integrates with Chrome and Gmail to make planning your next adventure easy.




Trying to plan a trip with friends? Invite your travel buddy to collaborate with you on TripStitch. Use our Chrome and Gmail extensions to tag flights, places to stay, and confirmation emails so you can view everything in one place. 



Once you've got your itinerary set (or half set), hop on that plane, bus, or hot air balloon and get exploring! You can always reference your itinerary offline for those important details like dates, addresses, and confirmation numbers-no need to find the the nearest coffee shop or restaurant with WiFi. 



Match your favorite experiences on your itinerary with your best photos so that other users can like, share, and have the same awesome adventure. After posting, you can scroll through your friends trips and get started planning for your next adventure!

Founded by two travel enthusiasts, TripStitch was created to optimize travel planning. We hope that the more people explore the world, the more empathetic and open minded it will become.

"Travel is the antidote to fear. It makes you see the similarities and differences that exist around the world, and it opens your eyes and mind to new and different approaches."
-Julia Cosgrove